Friday, July 17, 2009

Update from Rocklands

After a little rain delay we have decided to take a break from the music video and get back to climbing.  Lyn, Paul and Cam have arrived and brought fresh perspective to the domino games and cold evenings.  

The first day post rain we hauled ourselves up the Fortress, a V13 compacted area.  Since I have done all the 13's up there ;), I showed Wick and Justin the beta on the aesthetic Vice problem and they set to work piecing it together. Since I did not climb, the next day Kevin, Wick and I toured around the Plateau with Lyn, Paul and Cam.  There I did Bullet-Proof and Running Out Of... both fun climbs on really good rock.  Yesterday, the hard men of our crew with their tick list from the movie PURE wanted to check out the Amphitheater, an awesome looking line that neither the movie, nor my photos could do justice. It is beautiful! 

We spent the afternoon at Roadside where I have found this awesome 30 foot jug haul.  It was the perfect thing for me to do multiple times on an active recovery day.  Tomorrow I am heading back to the Sassie Boulders for Petite Hueco and Springbok to hopefully put them to bed.  However, this morning I woke to a story from our friend Walker who was at the Sassies and had a close encounter with a Cobra. As a snake lover...NOT...I am really excited! 


Justin said...

you need to make another flute from bamboo and bring it with you climbing to charm dem cobras

J V said...

if you get bitten, IMMEDIATELY get on your project and utilize the adrenaline. Nothing goes to waste out there.