Friday, July 31, 2009

Andre and His Big Cats

A couple of weeks ago Mike and I escaped the clutches of Clanwilliam and ventured out to the farm land  surrounding.  There we met Andre, owner and operator of a game preserve. Andre raises game such as Springbok and Orax for people to come and hunt with only bow and arrow for sport.  In addition,  Andre has raised money to save the lives of 5 lions and 2 cheetahs who escaped the less sporting "cannned" hunts here in Africa for fat, rich and boring men.  Andre has created a sanctuary for these big cats to live out the rest of their days in bliss and under his protection.  Mike and I had such an awesome time that we decided to go back with more friends, look for boulders and Brie. The two experiences were unforgettable!

On another note I recently have received news that a dear friend, colleague, and mentor will be moving on to bigger and better things.  Kris Williams will be leaving Sacramento New Technology High School, in order to work for the New Technology Foundation.  Since the birth of the school Kris has been the heart of our efforts, he epitomizes what it means to be a teacher. We are lucky as a society to now have Kris where he belongs, at the foreground of an important educational movement, leading the way!


Lyn said...

Peter, don't leave us! Nice work wrapping up your projects, especially Petite Hueco. I look forward to continued crushing with you inYosemite this fall.

Becky said...

Go to for the big send. Great job Peter.

Alan Moore said...

Google "andre clanwilliam lion" and you are #2. Rad.