Sunday, August 22, 2010


So, I did not post for almost an entire year and between three weeks of silence Kevin is clamoring for more, Becky and Shannon are giving me shit, pretending not to know who I even am. As if anyone could forget a 6'4 spas whose nickname is the ZEBRA!

Well, a lot has gone down in the last couple of weeks. The Giants are playing like the Giants of old, BADLY!! I have purchased a dream, yes you can do that apparently, god bless a America! A van that is slowly taking steps forward to becoming my ideal road-trip vehicle. The main reason I got it, of course, was to avoid being yelled at by Kevin for making a mess in his trailer. School has started again and I am soooo excited about my new class, iWorld.

However, these only serve to distract me from my elbow. Which at the moment is starting to feel better and slowly recover from its tendonitis. To say it was a setback would be an understatement. I was so psyched to be climbing, training, and seeing friends again. I really was starting to feel strong and even confident, but it was a little too much too quick. The good news is I have started to climb lightly again without much pain. I even had a chance to go climbing again with Vicki and Julie, showing them around some areas they had yet to checkout. Although, I was only hanging out and acting as tour guide. I was overwhelmed by Vicki on one particular problem, where upon reaching the top she expressed such joy. In that moment I wanted to be her. She was feeling what I think all climbers look for, the euphoric feeling of accomplishment.

Here is that moment...