Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Dead Mosquito is a Good Mosquito

Did a little climbing this week with Justin up in at the pass on highway 88. We had hoped to time our sessions with the cool temps of sunset, but we failed to take into consideration the booming population of mosquitoes. Needless to say we ‘bugged-out’ earlier than expected.

However, we did get to sample and see new areas (at least to us) up in the Tahoe area. The Crater Lake boulder is amazing rock. Lactose Intolerance: a fantastic line going up the center of the perfect face. The next evening was spent right off the road at three new problems. Gideon: awesome, slightly overhanging face, to a taller top-out both has a sit and a stand, and allows for awesome climbing either way. Denny’s: a short, but amazing compression problem on the opposite side of the road has amazing rock and really cool moves! Justin also did the line behind Denny’s that was cleaned by Noah Kaufman and was said to be a project on a June 8th blog post,

Needless to say it was awesome climbing and hanging with my good friend Justin and our dogs Turtle and Gus. But the uninvited mosquitoes truly did put a damper on the trip. Those of you headed to Tahoe make sure to take a bath in DEET before heading up anytime soon.


Justin said...

I asked Noah and he said Joel Zerr climbed the arete first and named it "Stomp the Yard" and V8 is probably a fair grade for it.

Becky said...

Whoa... Peter is resurrected! Good to have you back.