Friday, April 10, 2009

Wonder Woman

We took a rest day yesterday, and found out some good news. My finger issue is actually a slight forearm tear. It sounds a lot worse than it is, and according to boulderingdoc after a little rest and vitamin i, I will be pulling on crimps and slopers in no time.

In the mean time I have been hanging with my honey, spotting and pretending to be a photographer. Heather had some awesome goes on Iron (wo)Man and Bowling Pin. They both are sure to go next time!

On another note; to all climbers who take dumps with in the boulder fields of Bishop. Please dispose of your waste appropriately so that humans don't step in it, and dogs don't discover it as tasty morsels, hmmmm!

Hope all is well, ciao.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Certainty is Not Real

About 24 hours ago I was psyched as all hell. I was feeling like training hard. Justin and I had fixed the woody. I had just gotten back from a day in Yosemite. I was heading down to Bishop with my girl friend for a four day stay with plenty that we wanted to do. Life was looking up and I was super stoked to be climbing and to be anticipating a trip of a life time this summer.  

Certainly, things were going  my way. Heather and I decided to go to the Happys for a afternoon session to ease into the weekend. We found a new boulder to warm up on, we both did Big Chicken, and at a recommendation headed to the rim to try Mr. Happy. I pulled into a pocket and shooting pain went straight down my ring finger and to my elbow.

Needles to say I am a little bummed.