Sunday, June 29, 2008

Someone's Got to Work, Just Not Me!

The summer has gotten off to a great start! Since truly being done with school responsibilities I have been to the coast, Donner, the Valley and South Lake. Not bad for only seven days. When I was in my youth I would always seemingly let summer run by me. I would get up late watch “Saved By the Bell,” eat ice cream and conjure up deals with my sister to make chocolate chip cookies daily. These days I have been trying to live up to my commitment to my own sanity. Many say that teachers have it so easy, always pointing to the fact that we get all this time off. Well, without these six weeks off in the summer you probably would be reading a news article of the teacher on trial for killing his students, rather than this pathetic excuse for a blog. But alas, you are! In the last week I have found awesome boulders at the coast, my project still within my reach, the valley climbable until 3am, it fun to climb until your tips resemble ground-chuck, and tons of great information in my puppy parenting books.

Here is to five more weeks!
Peter, Self-Sponsored Athlete

Justin Trying to Stay Awake at Fort Ross

3am in the Valley

Below Vicki Using Stave's Beta

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Snags

So I know that I have been lacking on the posts as of late, but I only have three more days of work and then it is on like Donkey Kong.

Heather on Two Face

Today, Heather, T-Rex and I made our way to the Secret Boulders for a little fun in the sun. I left the guide in the car and showed the girls the circuit. The circuit is something that I like to do when I want a little bouldering mileage. There is nothing too outstanding, just a cluster of fun problems.

T Testing Her Heel Rubber

It was a perfect day to be a little higher in elevation with temps in the 90s down in the central valley. Unfortunately, Vicki was unable to join us, but we could all tell she was keeping a eye on us.