Friday, August 22, 2008

Somthing In the Air

Me On My First Obsession of the Season

School has started, which means that when Gus gets up so do I. Our ritual has been pee outside, eat breakfast, get dressed together, and then I drink coffee outside while he chases Turtle around the woody. One cool crisp morning I was sitting in my plush camping chair sipping on my joe and this strange but familiar feeling came over me. All of sodden I was back on Justin's porch looking up at the falls, or sitting on my tailgate at the Milks, anticipating the day to come. In an instances I was psyched. I am in the process of making my goals and plans for this year's climbing. I've stepped up my training. In reading everyone's blogs as of late, one thing is clear, "psyche" is in the air. I would like to thank those of you (who deserve it) for the reading material and pics, and Kevin for coming out to Cali and bringing his enthusiasm.

Game On!!
Kevin Having Fun on Hobo Travers

Friday, August 8, 2008


After some touch and go moments. These two have finally bonded. Looking forward to hanging with friends under boulders this fall!