Sunday, December 14, 2008

Can You Believe Someone Actually Likes the Rain?

So it turns out Gus REALLY likes the rain. Me on the other hand, am looking forward to dry Texas days.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Dam Zebra

The weekend was packed with festivities. Friday Crank’N the Series started, Saturday the Homecoming game and dance (a 15 hour work week), but Sunday, oh Sunday. Early Sunday morning Gus and I headed down to the Valley with one goal in mind; Prowess. Upon arrival we headed over to Swan Slab for the warm-up. A few of us climbed this awesome 5.6 slab. Afterward the crazies did this dirty, sketchy, and mantel-happy highball; inspiring, but still a little crazy.

Post warm-up a few of us headed to Dogwood to cheer and spot Justin. In between burns Randy, Patty, and I took it upon ourselves to level out the horizontal pillar for all future loved ones to come, enjoy the view, cuddle, and sit PERFECTLY level.

After the Dogwood session, Justin came to the horror show that was my attempts on Prowess. Although I made some progress on the problem, reaching a new high point, getting as far as I did, I should have sent!!!! As much as I would hate to admit it, El Zebra reared his head, and as my feet once again flew toward the earth it was too late for the lion to roar.

Here’s to next weekend, sun or snow, I’ll be there!


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Anyone wants some Eggs?

The drive home started out horribly. All I could think about was the pathetic climbing trip I had just been on. Over the course of nine days I climbed seven, sending only two problems, warmed up every frick’n day at camp “f’n” four, and the rain was bad enough to soak a problem that I had gotten really stoked about. All in all I was not a happy camper.

As I got closer to the rim of the valley, I stopped at a turn-out to take one last good look at Yosemite. Gus and I stepped out of the car and sat on the guardrail chill’n. After a few moments, Gus nudged my elbow and gave me look that melted my heart. Seemingly he knew exactly what to do to snap me back to reality. Yes, he’s that good!!

For the rest of the drive I thought about the fun the week possessed. From the four dogs, the shit talking, the eggs, a fantastic Thanksgiving meal, the hanging with good friends and the making of new ones; the week pulsated with fun. Over all I was inspired by those around me trying hard, be dedicated and having fun. The memory allowed me to drift back over the last two months in Yosemite, this season has started off great!!! It has made me wanting more.

How about next Sunday?

Peter, the Zebra!!

P.S. Please don’t take me off your blog. I promise to do better!

P.S.S Please return me to your blog. I like to party!