Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Air Jordan Weekend

So Gus and I headed to the Valley in search of an escape from the grid. This trip was something that I had to do, and no sickness was going to get in my way. As I was driving to the unknown, about to miss my beautiful girlfriend for a month, and questioning whether it was worth going down being sick; I almost turned the car around in Stockton, after realizing that I forgot my sleeping bag. Needless to say the cards seemed to be stacked against me. However, when I did climb I sent two of my projects (in two Michael Jordan moments), Chocolate Bunny and the Unnamed Problem at Bridal Vail, form the Spring.

In addition, my friends provided me with great company and inspiration. Kevin, who flew in from Colorado for a recon mission, was inspiring on Panic Room. Justin killed on, and is getting quite close to, Yabo Roof. Shannon showed no fear on Flat Line. John got crazy on that Unnamed problem at Bridal Vail. Gus melted hearts!!! Mike and Paul chilled watching two ants sprinting up El Cap.

All in all, the weekend was awesome and made me thirsty for more. If the weather stays as good as it was, we are in for one hell of a fall.